Creating a pair of boots in 280 steps

In our workshop in Brummen, the Netherlands, our craftsmen manufacture our boots according to traditional methods. Many steps are involved in the creation of a pair of boots. When we first design a new type of boots, we tend to focus on the creative aspects of the job. Once we have come up with an aesthetically pleasing design, we evaluate it for functionality and wearability. If we decide to take a design into production, we will project its pattern onto a cutting table and cut the leather and finish it according to our customers’ wishes. Next we will stitch together the shaft. Depending on the type of boot, we will then either glue or sew the sole to the shaft, after which we will curve the boot to follow the shape of the leg in order to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, we will nourish and polish the leather using a special cream. The entire process involves 280 steps, many of which are performed manually.

An eye to the future

Petrie riding boots are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, both to ensure that future generations of Petries will be able to continue the family business and because we care for the environment. When selecting leather and glue suppliers, we always seek partners who use environmentally-friendly production methods. All our tanned and dyed leather comes from trusted suppliers with whom we have worked for many years.