Bootcare instruction


To guarantee years of riding enjoyment with your Petrie riding boots, we encourage you to take the following care and maintenance advice to heart.

Before wearing your new boots for the first time, treat them with a good shoe cream. We recommend Petrie cream.

After each use, clean your boots with a leather-cleaning product. Do not use saddle soap. We recommend Petrie cleaner. Make sure to thoroughly clean the areas of the boot that come in contact with the horse. Horse’s sweat is very damaging to leather that is not properly cared for. Petrie cleaner was designed especially to remove horse’s sweat. After drying (NOT CLOSE TO A DIRECT HEAT SOURCE!!!!!!), apply a layer of good shoe cream, preferably Petrie cream. NEVER use oil or any type of oil-based product. Polish just before riding.

Tip: Using a pair of tights to polish creates a handsome shine.

The inside of the boot upper will turn white/grey. This is normal. The reason is because the core of the leather is not fully black. For boots that are worn frequently, you can preserve the original colour beautifully by applying Petrie colour cream every two weeks. Petrie colour cream contains lots of extra dye. Allow the colour cream to soak into the leather, and remove once again by polishing just before use.

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